WordPress Hosting Recommendation

First thing you need when you decide to create a website is to pick good web hosting. When choosing good hosting you must keep in mind few aspects. Some of those are how good the performance is, how good is the uptime and support. Oh yeah, if you plan on making a WordPress based website make sure that your website supports 1-click installation for WordPress. On that way the whole process of WordPress installation will be much easier. If you are stuck in this first and most important step then you are on right place. We made a small review of five best hosting options for WordPress sites.

WP Engine


Ever heard of company Automattic? If you didn’t let me introduce you to it with just one word: WordPress. Automattic is parent company of WordPress. Why is that important? Because this company invested in WP Engine. That means it should be very good, and it is. WP Engine hosts only WordPress sites and has some amazing stuff to offer. Built in CDN is one of great things about this host, which means your WordPress site will load much faster. You will also get great support for plugins and great security of your site. One of the bad things is pricing, they are pretty expensive. You can also only host one WordPress blog and if you want to have multiple you will have to pay more.
One of the special features is live preview of your site when you are making changes. That means you can make duplicate of your WordPress settings and change it till it’s perfect without applying it to your real website until every change is done.
Surely one of the best WordPress hosting out there and I highly recommend it.



You want to know when this host has been started? A long time ago, and I mean really long time ago. In 1996, that’s almost 20 years. Since then this company became one of the best and largest web hosting for WordPress. Bluehost will surely be in everyone top 5 picks when talking about WordPress hosting. Your site will never be slow, you have full support and great features. You get free site builder and even free domain. Great WordPress hosting choice.



Dreamhost hosting supports 1-click WordPress installation and you won’t find a better and faster way of installing WordPress site and getting it up. Your site will also be automatically updated with every newer version of WordPress. Dreamhost is secure, comes with great support and is simply good host. You won’t make a mistake if you choose Dreamhost.



If you choose Hostgator it will surely be a good choice for you. Hostgator is one of the most reliable hosting out there. Their downtime is almost never, they are fast and have great support. Hostgator is not expensive. You will be especially happy with Hostgator if you plan on hosting more sites. Great host with almost no bad sides.



Because of increasing popularity of WordPress more and more web hosting are creating special offers for WordPress users. Site5 is one of them. They have some special plans for WordPress users. Site5 hosting is fast, reliable and has good support. You can even chose on which location you want your server to be. They have servers in many countries like Brazil, Singapore, Romaina, UK, Netherlands and other. Nice hosting which will satisfy everyone.

And that’s it, did we help? In my personal opinion WP Engine is best and I use it for my sites but hosting depends of your needs so choose carefully. Enjoy!